We Tried CBD Gummies To See What Happens | Jezebel

I feel like CBD is for people who do not have a lead plug and can't afford a psychiatrist I want to try a CVD because I'm a health food store near my apartment sells it for so much money and I don't want to buy it so I pitched a story on trying it for Jezebel and filled with hate and I also like to get wavy and weed makes me paranoid so hopefully this will be a good remedy for all of this I was picturing like a monopoly piece these are like I don't know the size of like a large thumb like the tip of a large thumb I really thought of CBD coming in so something that rich people who love goop and the wing are into however it comes in this sort of fancy cigar box which makes me think that they're French [Music] [Music] it's like slime kinda you got that sort of under taste of weed like when you eat a regular edible marijuana it's more flavorful flavorful than my antidepressant which I don't you I feel pretty much the same as I did before eating the gummy but I also just say a lot of grits and pork I think so I feel a little tired from that I feel like my normal self my normal self I think is like everything is fine because it has to be tell if it's late Oh am I just feeling the effects of something and feel more relaxed and having a good time or like maybe I'm just having a good time being around all of here but it could just be like that dummy I felt a little white outside got a bagel before different because I didn't eat that's worse I think that this is gonna be a video that's partially about Jezebel I'm understanding how we react to food because I think it coincided with the lunch that we just ate on a daily basis I usually feel very anxious constant anxiety every second today I'm not feeling anything I do feel something that sounds like descriptions of people like almost like when you're like coming up or something sometimes edibles I can't really tell if I'm high either event some of them I feel it like 10 minutes after yeah and I guess like really tell this is more like I can't really tell it's subtle I mean I feel like slightly different maybe but I can't tell that's just because I want this thing to work it doesn't compare it like most of the other drafts that I've done in any way shape or form however I would actually like I do feel very relaxed and I would I would say that it is akin to my SSRI I did feel like actually pretty tightly wound and quite angry I do not feel that way anymore so maybe it is worth it my arms feel slightly weird they kind of feel like just lose ya like and it's not like we don't do this at home kids it's not like when you take like MDMA or whatever and you're like I have to put my arms over my head haha this works more than I thought it would yeah I think for sure yeah like I want to take the leftover yeah yeah yeah I'm not sure yeah I might just like stick to my SSRI but I mean again like obviously it took – oh sorry this morning and felt rage of now I don't maybe I should maybe you could supplement your SSRI blitz with CBD yeah it just seems like a little bit like it's more expensive than my SS all right it seems like a little pricey and so perhaps in the CBD industry should think about making its wares more Galit Aryans so that more people can use them I think these might be good for people or like don't want to go like full-on into me or like that maybe you don't feel like vaping or having an edible I mean something like you know feel something nice coming I definitely think that it works and I feel like whereas before I was very Daenerys Targaryen with my rage now I feel more Cersei where I'm very like sort of removed from the rage and then therefore I can use it more as the weapon which is exciting to me I think it produced my anxiety in combination with lunch and friendship and I think that the pain of being alive is it's a permanent condition I must be with Katie [Music]



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