How CBD Flower Tastes, Life Trial

Does CBD taste like weed? There is no specific taste to CBD, it can have a variety of different flavors depending on how it is processed, and the form you use it in. The 6 strains we taste in the video are listed below in order of overall flavor and effect. Personally, I love the taste of CBD flowers. Smoking the buds is smooth on your throat and has no after-taste.

1. Cascadia Blooms Lifter – Lifter is Sativa-dominant, seen as a “daytime” strain for its energetic lifting of mood it is great for when seeking to elevate oneself with a clear mind. One customer describes it as “smokeable happiness!” Cascadia Blooms Coupon – Bestdosage

2. Berkshire CBD Special Sauce – Special Sauce is a great end-of-day, relaxing strain with tasting notes of candy and lemon. Sweet earth, fruit, and Diesel are the major notes that move through this wonderful hemp flower. A solid balance of Myrcene, b-Caryophylle, and a-Bisablol, make Special Sauce a great evening strain when you are looking to unwind and relax.

3. Canna Comforts Cherry Wine – This strain is a cross between The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries. The buds are medium-sized and have a medium density. It has hints of cherry, cheese, and black pepper. CBD: 13.28%, Type: Hybrid

4. Berkshire CBD Joy – The sparkling combination of b-Caryophyllene and a-Pinene release tension and liberate the magic in every moment.

5. Canna Comforts Lemon Haze – Lemon Haze is named after the lemon-citrus flavors it boasts. Limonene is the Terpene that produces this flavor. Medium dense buds with a citrus/earthy scent. CBD: 13.29%

6. Berkshire CBD White Rabbit

📍 Terpenes are the powerful aromatic compounds in cannabis flower that alter its effects and offer. Here are some of the most common terpenes found in CBD flower.

1. Caryophyllene: Spicier than you’d think, this terpene coats your throat with an almost peppermint-like sensation.
2. Myrcene: This terpene doesn’t taste much like anything aside from itself. Hints of mango and dankness abound.
3. Limonene: Limonene doesn’t taste as much like citrus juice as you’d expect. Instead, this terpene is relatively sweet.
4. Pinene: Thankfully, pinene doesn’t taste like pine sap. Instead, it tastes somewhat earthy or even minty.
5. Humulene: Humulene tastes earthy, but it also has a powerful hops undertone.
6. Linalool: Linalool has a light, crisp taste that resembles lavender ice cream.
7. Terpinolene: Some people say terpinolene has a fruity flavor, but others say it’s more floral or herbal.

What You THINK Of Yourself, Matters!

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Wellness Medicine: The Uniting Of Conventional And Alternative Approaches: 5 Keys

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What Is The VALUE Of Taking Vacations?

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Do You Really, Feel FINE?

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How Should You FOCUS On Your Health?

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Growing Equipment and supplies:
Spider Farmer Grow Tent –                                                                    Spider Farm SF LED1000/2000/4000                                                                                                  SF1000 – 
SF2000 – 
SF4000 –

Nutrients :
GAIA GREEN All Purpose 4-4-4                                                                                                        2KG
10KG –
GAIA GREEN Bloom 2-8-4                                                                                                                2KG
10 KG –

Ventilation and Air Circulation:                                                                                                Acinfinity Cloudline Inline Fans:                                                                  The Best Oscillating fan –
Cheaper but good fan –
Hurricane Clip Fan –

Electric Sky ESV2 Wideband LED

Gorilla Grow Tents:

Mobile Air Purifier System

Kind LED

Harvest Supplies
Fiskarz Trimmers the ones I use –
Dry Rack for Harvest –
Trim Bin –
Boveda RH packs for Curing –
Hygrometers for curing –
Bubble Machine & Bags combo –
Trim/Extract Dry Sift Screens (set) –

Organic Nutrients That I Use                                                                                                          GAIA GREEN All Purpose 4-4-4                                                                                                        2KG
10KG –
GAIA GREEN Bloom 2-8-4                                                                                                             2KG
10 KG –    

Mycorrhizae –
Blackstrap Molasses –
Grow4Organic Worm Castings –
Alfalfa Meal –
Kelp –
Bat Guano –

Important Tools Needed for Growing
PH Pen –
PH Soil Tester Pen –
PPM Nutrient Meter –
PH Down –
Temp/RH Gage –
PH Calibration –
GreenLightHeadLamp –

Other Grow Gear I Use
Vivosun Pump Sprayer –
The Best Oscillating fan –
Cheaper but good fan –
Dehumidifier –
Fabric Pots –
Pot Elevators –
Pots I use – 3 gallon packs –
Seedling Heat Mat & Controller – 
Rooting cloning hormone –
Trellis Netting –
Microscope for Checking Trichomes –
Air Pump/Air Stones kit –
Cheesecloth for Brewing teas –


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