Redondo Beach California.

Redondo Beach California.

The living is easy in the laid back South Bay area of California. There are three so called Beach Cities; Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and the most famous of all, Redondo Beach California. Residents and visitors alike, love the wide beaches, the almost 300 days of recorded sunshine every year and the lifestyle devoted to sports and leisure. The population has grown to over 60,000 people.

One of the main tourist attractions is the distinctive Pier, said to be one of the longest in the country. It is also popular with sports anglers and people interested in the history of the structure. The original pier was constructed in 1914 but went through much re-building as a result of being burned down and storm damage. The present pier was completed in 1996.

There is plenty to do in the city and downtown is the place to go for the shops, restaurants and wine tasting galleries. The Marina, Harbor and Pier area also has shopping facilities, restaurants and bars and an arcade. Dining in Redondo Beach California includes American and Mexican restaurants, in addition to Italian, French, Asian and Middle Eastern.

The area is very popular with surfers, who are able to surf all the year round here and look forward to the winter months when the waves can become incredibly high. Other water sports, including sailing and kayaking, are followed too and beach volleyball is a big part of the scene with professional competitions being held in the area. There are numerous city parks where sports can be played like tennis, racquetball and basketball. The Strand is a paved pathway that becomes very busy with skateboarders, rollerbladers, cyclists and people out for a gentle stroll. It runs from South Redondo up until Santa Monica.

Marine life is abundant here and the SEA Marine Research Laboratory organizes public tours, to educate people about the different species in the area. Whale Watching excursions are also popular from Redondo Beach California. For lovers of history, there is the Redondo Beach Historical Museum, which displays artifacts and photographic memorabilia in a charming, Victorian house from the beginning of the 20th century.

The area has been captured in song and on television and movies, forever associated with the Californian cultural image. Patti Smith and the Beach Boys have both immortalized Redondo Beach California in song and the beachfront and pier has been a frequent location for The OC hit show. It has also featured in the TV series, Riptide and the movie, The Hot Chick.


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