Panama Climate

Panama Climate

Interested to know Panama climate? If you are planning to have a Panama vacation or to any other vacation destination, one of the common questions anyone might ask, that includes me, is about the climate. We all know how weather affects any planned activities, right? It can mess up or perfect your day. So, the next time you plan of going to a trip anywhere you like, make sure to make inquiries of its climate. You don’t want to have a ruined getaway, do you?

If your vacation destination happens to be the beautiful and exciting Panama, you should know its climate. To start, since Panama is situated just a few degrees above the equator, this means that Panama climate slightly vary from month to month. The slight variation pertains to rainfall and humidity, as well as the average temperature of each region. You can enjoy Panama’s different destinations and a variety of weather condition, which are light sweater weather of Boquet to extreme hot and humidity of Colon. If you’re up to water sports, then hot weather is not an issue and if it is, you have an option to go sightseeing panoramic views to Boquete. Whatever your preference might be, you will always have a place in Panama.

Panama City is at sea level, so its climate is quite warm and humid depending on the month, similar to Miami, though air conditioning is everywhere. Taxis, hotels, restaurants, stores- mostly all of the establishments have air conditioning. Just a tip, light city clothing is ideal for Panama climate. Wandering around Panama City at noon may not be a good idea as it can be very uncomfortable, but the early mornings and evenings are great. The beach town and the islands are warm, but a nice breeze and lower humidity on some islands makes it quite pleasant for beach goers.

The Anton Valley and Chiriqui Province are both at higher elevation, which means that the weather is much cooler. Due to the vast selection of islands, mainland beaches, mountains and alleys, just about any time of year, there is always somewhere pleasant to visit in Panama.

Panama climate fluctuates from warm to hot, but nights are much cooler. For the average year round temperatures, they range from 32 ºC (90 ºF) at daytime to 21 ºC (70 ºC) at night time. Humidity is always high at about 80 %. The rainy season occurs between October and November. The best time to visit is in mid December and late March. The Panama climate by region, however, varies according to geography. The temperature is less tropical at higher elevations, as expected. In mountain areas, the average temperature ranges from 10 ºC to 19 ºC (50 to 66 ºF) at various mountain elevations.


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