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THE KID: I’m the Kid. I write Vice’s Sundayweed column. I desire weed so much thatI decided to make a whole show about it. When I started it last-place fall, I had no idea that weed was about to be legalizedin two states. All various kinds of subcultures cameto light-headed, but the most fascinating one was alsothe fastest growing butane hash oil, an extractthat’s pure THC. Welcome to Weediquette. THE OIL GUY: I first startedsmoking weed in 1988 when my big brother made me out in hisVolkswagen bus into a big oil field, handed me a bong full ofschwag, and said, smacked this until you throw up.So I did. And I hurled the fuckup in the field. I unquestionably inhaled lubricant in the’ 94 for the first time. I was at a fucking RainbowGathering. This dude transferred me a bongand said here, light it. And then I smacked that. At least a minute or two laterI was definitely it was the most psychedelicexperience I’d ever lived on weed at that point. I asked about , what is going on? He said there’s honeyoil on it. That was my introductionto hash oil. Dabbing is basically having adabber, which is something needlelike to grab theoil and apply it whatever you’re using. Generally titanium, but you canalso use quartz, and you can use glass. Take my punch torch. Heat up my titanium. Inhale. Done. THE OIL GUY: That’sa hard question. It genuinely depends on whatyou’re looking for. Where grows were for me, theyaren’t for me anymore. I like the channel oil’sintensity wields. I like the direction, when youfirst collision it, you get kind of a rush. Every single time I hitoil, I get high. I can thump it 30, 40 timesin a epoch, and I’m still getting higher. There has been an explosion A big explosion An explosion precedes policeto a drug lab. What was being established in thisgarage drug lab behind me? Something announced butane honeyoil, a highly toxic and highly concentrated Inside this garage behind ahome, reviewers guess a being has been cooking smokes, a highly dangerous procedure similarto prepare meth. THE OIL GUY: You can see thatit’s become more popular because when you is currently considering thenews every other day, people blowing each other up.It was basically exactly idiotsnot knowing what they’re playing with. They would take a bunch of weed, and they are able to take a bunch of butane, positioned it into abig fat dish, and propel it on the stove and think it’sgoing to purge it. And then, yeah, you blow a fuse yourfucking mansion real fast. There’s great videos on YouTubeof parties doing that. It just goes in like that. See that? You squishit down. Make sure[ EXPLOSION] Fuck! The house is on fire! The live is on fire![ Explosion] Oh my g THE OIL GUY: Oh that’s great. Little boys doing it. That’s one of the bestvideos ever. The direction to do it is youget a tube packed with a knot of weed. You require glass. Generally, people usethe turkey basters. And make sure it’s the right onewith the needle component that your can of butaneperfectly is appropriate to. And blast.It basically time sends butaneright through the tube. On the bottom, you wanta coffee filter. And I positioned a mesh screenaround that with a metal banding tightener. Boom. Into a Pyrex dish. And it all comes outinto a nice puddle. So you use your butaneto remove your THC. And you want to remove thebutane because you don’t want to smoke butane. So you oust. You want to basically putyour bowl that you shelled into in hot water. It’s going to have an initialreally vicious reaction. When that’s done, it’s goingto be still reacting but certainly, really slowly. Now, some people throwit in the oven. Some people go right tovac at that point. In this one, we wentright to vac. What that does is it keeps theoil in a really viscous territory and then it helps the purge.THE KID: So we’re about to havea little delicacy of the produce of the processwe just witnessed. THE OIL GUY: It cameout to shatter. This is something youtry to attain THE KID: And that looks likekind of a really big fucking dab right there, too.[ BONG BUBBLING] THE OIL GUY: Come on.[ BONG BUBBLING] THE OIL GUY: Keep going.[ BONG BUBBLING] THE OIL GUY: There you go. You got it. See? When you oust correctly, it’s nice and smooth , no matter how big-hearted it is. THE KID: Yeah. It perceives really good. THE OIL GUY: Yeah. THE KID: No chemicallytaste at all. Delicacy like pure, unadulterated hash petroleum. THE OIL GUY: Yeah. THE KID: Cheer. THE OIL GUY: Word. THE KID: Wow. This chap opened my sees to atotally new way to get high-pitched off of weed.One that does you just so muchgod damn higher than smoking it normally. For such an impressive substance, BHO has a pretty serious dark side. I just wanted to know how theauthorities were looking at this explosive new formof hash distillation.[ Phone RINGING][ COUGHING] THE KID: So what are some of theexperiences you’ve had as a policeman seeing BHOin your domain? LT. RICK KO: We first find one of thelarge blowups in 2009 from a BHO lab.And then we’ve also attended anexpansion of finding evidence related to BHO laboratories, and it’sgrowing in notoriety. THE KID: Yeah, I got to get man. And what are the differencesbetween BHO and other treat plagues, like meth laboratories? LT. RICK KO: Having a BHO lab anda meth lab are the same. If you’re using a volatilechemical that’s highly explosive and highly flammableby beings that are frequently using marijuana or BHO, forms for avery dangerous combination. THE KID: What are some ofthe dangers of BHO? Can you generate us[ COUGHING] THE KID: Can you giveus an example of a particularly bad outburst? LT. RICK KO: One was so violentthat it blew the house partly off it’s foundationand initiated a huge fire. THE KID: All title. All privilege. And what do you thinkabout Colorado? LT. RICK KO: I consider Colorado’sgoing to be very sorry that they legislated that regulation withina year or two.We’ve seen parties inhaling andhaving a good time at the two parties atmosphere, but when you starthaving beings inducing it next door to you, you’re goingto have beings that are going to try to make thatmarijuana or the profits from that marijuana. Yeah, of course. You guys want some dabs? THE KID: Yeah. I’ll take a dab. So we’re here in Denverat the Cannabis Cup. And soul, if we thought thatdabbing was a growing trend, then we didn’t seeshit before this. Because there are seriouslydozens of saloons everywhere with, like, the most elaboratedabbing glass. And they’re just dolingout specks. And we’re about to go checkout a couple of the places that are doing this andtake a few touches. I went down to Denver for thefirst ever Cannabis Cup held on US soil in a state thatlegalized weed just last year and has quickly becomeAmerica’s weed mecca.Here BHO is big business, andwe checked out totally legal enterprises dedicated to makingshit tons of it, which they distribute to localdispensaries. We’re here with Daniel DeSaillesat the Top Shelf Extracts in Denver, Colorado. How long have you guys beenin business over here? DANIEL DESAILLES: We’ve beenin business about two and a half years now. What frequently happens is adispensary will contract us to process their trimfrom their grows.THE KID: OK. So you’re using DANIEL DESAILLES: Most of themcan’t process inhouse. THE KID: And how muchBHO do you guys pump out in a sacrificed week? DANIEL DESAILLES: Approximatelythree to four pounds of it. DEREK: It’s great to be able tomake this at home, but it’s also awesome to be able to comeinto a laboratory and make those additional stepsin get professional equipment.And we have a $15,000 turbomolecular vacuum pump here THE KID: Right. DEREK: that’s usedfor laboratory THE KID: That’s obviouslybetter. DEREK: research. We’re at a forefront of amovement that allows us to work like this. Everything is all under thesupervision of the Colorado medical marijuanas enforcementagency. THE KID: Right. DEREK: Every gram of thisis accounted for. I would expect nothing less. We’re in the middle of THE KID: Right. DEREK: legalizing a productthat has been illegal for 60, 70 times. THE KID: Yeah, there’s gotto be a lot of insure. DEREK: There’s growing anguishes. DAVID BIENENSTOCK: A slew ofpeople have worked a really long time to see peoplecomfortable with a natural plant that changes outof the ground.I fantasize the largest danger ispeople looking for a channel to repudiate dopes gravitatingtowards this. All of these hazards that youperceive are just another rationale for legalization. Whether you want to use BHO orif you don’t want to use it, you still want to live in asociety that settles it reasonably. THE KID: I’m about five touches inright now, and they’re all that fucking big.Just like that last one. Is that five right there? Yeah. So definitely gettinga little bleary. Definitely starts hurting yourlungs for a little, but I’m smoking cigarettes, extremely, like an asshole. But still further so good. I feel my memory’s intact. I approximate we should probablygo do a couple more specks. Let’s do that. I need maybe likefive minutes. At the Cannabis Cup itself, where thousands of potheads from all over the world convene, butane hash petroleum was flowing like wine-coloured. I managed to consume bucketsof it during my period there along with everyone else, and itwas good vibes all around.All this tells us that BHO andextracts like it are exploding with popularity. More beings are learningabout it. More one wants it. And more beings are willing torisk their lives by making it where it’s not available. All for a cleaner, stronger high. THE OIL GUY: You’re going tosee, like, people’s mommies inviting about it andstuff like that. It’s already in all the medicalplaces, and beings through your grandparents senility, through younger than you, are definitely getting this. There’s just no stop this. We’ve got the internet. We’ve got everything. It’s just, it’s sport on. It’s not going anywhere. It’s only going bigger.

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