Growing Equipment and supplies:

Spider Farmer Grow Tent-

Spider Farm LED 1000 / 2000 / 4000
SF 1000 –
SF 2000 –
SF 4000 –

Nutrients :

Gaja Green Bloom 4-4-4
2 kg –
10 kg –
Gaja Green Bloom 2-8-4 
2 kg –
10 kg –

Ventilation and Air Circulation:                                                                                                         

Acinfinity Cloudline Inline Fans:                                                                  
Cheaper but good fan –
Hurricane Clip Fan –

Electric Sky ESV2 Wideband LED

Gorilla Grow Tents:

Mobile Air Purifier System

Kind LED

Harvest Supplies
Fiskarz Trimmers the ones I use –
Dry Rack for Harvest –
Trim Bin –
Boveda RH packs for Curing –
Hygrometers for curing –
Bubble Machine & Bags combo –
Trim/Extract Dry Sift Screens (set) –

Organic Nutrients That I Use 

Gaja Green Bloom 4-4-4
2 kg –
10 kg –
Gaja Green Bloom 2-8-4 
2 kg –
10 kg –

Mycorrhizae –
Blackstrap Molasses –
Grow4Organic Worm Castings –
Alfalfa Meal –
Kelp –
Bat Guano –

Important Tools Needed for Growing
PH Pen –
PH Soil Tester Pen –
PPM Nutrient Meter –
PH Down –
Temp/RH Gage –
PH Calibration –
GreenLightHeadLamp –

Other Grow Gear I Use
Vivosun Pump Sprayer –
The Best Oscillating fan –
Cheaper but good fan –
Dehumidifier –
Fabric Pots –
Pot Elevators –
Pots I use – 3 gallon packs –
Seedling Heat Mat & Controller – 
Rooting cloning hormone –
Trellis Netting –
Microscope for Checking Trichomes –
Air Pump/Air Stones kit –
Cheesecloth for Brewing teas –


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