Grow Log of the Plant Used for the “When to Harvest” Guide

A timelapse grow log of a plant from seed to harvest. I’m using this grow to determine the cannabinoid content of the plant at different stages of growth, which was used to make the previous harvest guide video and can be found here:

There are a lot of grow techniques used here (low stress training, screen of green, partial harvesting, co2 enrichment) as well as some new tools that I’m testing out so overall this grow was pretty interesting.

Items I Used for This Grow:

2x2x4 Grow Tent:​​
Fox Farm Potting Soil:​​
Viparspectra XS1000 Grow Light:
Clip Fan:
Elastic Trellis:
Grow Fertilizer:​​
Bloom Fertilizer:​​
Pruning Snip:
Trim Bin:
Bowl Trimmer:

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