Farmers say 106-pound NYPD pot bust was actually legal hemp


tonight a perfect example of how the enforcement of marijuana laws is a confusing thing these days at the minimum man busted by New York cops for having a load of marijuana in his car he claims it’s for his business in Brooklyn his legal CBD business but he had no paperwork for that delivery so the cops seizing his stash and the big debate now over whether the cops or the businessman were right I wish news reporters the Fond kin is here sorting all this out so far well bill the NYPD says it confiscated more than a hundred pounds of marijuana the men now in legal trouble for the shipment they said first of all they had legal paperwork they say was hemp which by the way is legal and they say they use it for their CBD business it could be the latest example of how current laws are changing and our law enforcement may be having a hard time keeping up it looks and smells a lot like marijuana but it’s not here in the fields of New Haven Vermont they are growing organic hemp Friday night foxhole Farms shipped 106 pounds of it to Brooklyn everything was fine we’ve done shipments with FedEx before many times Federal Express signed off on it but when it arrived in New York it was seized by the NYPD the 75th precinct even posting about it on social media then they arrested a representative for the buyer over the weekend threatening my Miranda rights the procedure to take out everything out of my pockets and cuffed me the Brooklyn man picking it up for his brother says it was legal hemp for his CBD business in Midwood I said he making a huge mistake on this those were legal businessman the officers ignored me they didn’t want to hear anything and everything that came out of their mouth was it’s narcotics its narcotics we tested it it’s narcotics Levy says he was baited and treated like a criminal d says he has received tons of shipments in the six years of the operation and never had a problem like this it’s all legal and we did everything by the books we really tried to do everything the right way NYPD officials say it is working with the Brooklyn da to sort out this possible marijuana mix-up ladies currently at the lab at this point to make a final determination was it ham dad the individual had no bill of lading justifying its delivery so this is all part of an ongoing investigation levy is due back in court in a few weeks the brothers are working to get their packages back legal action against both the NYPD and FedEx they say there are 30 grand out and their business is now at risk




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